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UCAS Information

UCAS is an important step in applying to University. UCAS is the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service, who process applications on behalf of nearly all Universities and Colleges in the UK.

When you apply for University though UCAS, it’s important to note that your application isn’t sent to your chosen Universities right away, it goes through us first, so we can triple-check your application, and so that we can add your reference.

When we’ve done this, we’ll speak with you, and make sure you’re happy with your application, and with your consent, we’ll submit your application to UCAS.

If you fail to meet Woodkirk UCAS deadlines then we cannot guarantee that you will meet any UCAS deadlines.

Key Dates

If you’d rather not work through these dates as an online page, or if you want to download these dates as a PDF file, you can download them here →.

May 2020

  • The UCAS search tool is now live.
    You now need to start looking for courses.
  • You should also be thinking about your personal statement at this point, and considering starting it very shortly.

June & July 2020

  • Continue to create your personal statement and research courses through Unifrog.
  • Some courses may require pre-requisite tests (i.e. medicine, law or veterinary courses).
    It’s your responsibility to find out if the course that you’d like to study requires you to take a test. If you have any doubts, please speak to the Sixth Form team, or the course provider.
  • If you do need to take a test, then you need to book yourself a test slot. If you will be taking any university entry tests, and you want to know if they can be sat at school, please ask.
    We do have students sit entry tests through most school years.
  • Access the video tutorials at the bottom of this page, and work your way through your UCAS form. You might not have decided on all five of your courses yet, and that’s fine. Keep doing plenty of research.

1st July 2020

  • The first draft of your personal statement should be handed (or emailed) to your form tutor.

7th September 2020 (Woodkirk deadline)

  • This is the internal deadline for medical, veterinary and dentistry courses, as well as music conservatories.
  • If you are planning on applying to an early entry course, and you do not meet this deadline, then you risk your UCAS form not being processed in time for the application deadline with UCAS.

1st October 2020 (UCAS deadline)

  • This is the deadline for any music applications (6pm is the cut-off time).
  • Dance, drama or musical theatre courses may have different deadlines.

15th October 2020 (UCAS deadline)

  • This is the entry deadline for Oxford & Cambridge (Oxbridge) applicants, as well as those seeking to attend a medicine, veterinary, medicine, science or dentistry course.

1st November 2020 (Woodkirk deadline)

  • This is the internal deadline to submit your application to Woodkirk, so that we can process your UCAS form and add your reference before the UCAS deadline.
  • If you miss this deadline, there is a good chance that you will miss the UCAS deadline.

15th January 2020

  • This is the 2021 entry deadline for all other UCAS courses.
  • This is the final UCAS deadline. Applications not with UCAS by this date will not be processed by UCAS.

UCAS Tutorials

We have three videos where Mr Ellis will walk you through the UCAS process. If at any point you are unsure of anything, please get in touch with the Sixth Form team, so we can help you.

Part #1

Part #2

Part #3

If you have any problems with these videos, please let us know.