Welcome to Product Design

In Year 12, the course content includes core technical principals of design, including topics such as materials and their applications, requirements for product design, product development, improvement and inclusive design (including ergonomics and anthropometrics), design communication, digital design, manufacture efficient use of materials and design theory.

This course is divided between classroom based learning, and the practical workshop where advanced manufacturing skills are developed in preparation for the non-examined assessment.

In Year 13, the course will cover topics such as how technology and cultural changes can impact on the work of designers, critical analysis and the evaluation of work and products, selecting appropriate specialist tools, techniques and processes, consideration of responsible design and approaches to product development design for manufacture including national and international standards in product design.


The Product Design course is comprised of two assessed components.

  • Component 1: Written Examination
    This is a written exam, lasting for 2 hours and 30 minutes. This exam is comprised of short-open, open, and extended response questions. This component is worth 50% of the course certification.
  • Component 2: Non-Examined Assessment
    This is a coursework piece, where students will be required produce a substantial design, make and evaluate a project which consists of a portfolio and a prototype. This component is worth 50% of the course certification.

Career & Progression Opportunities

Career opportunities for Product Design students include architecture graphic design, furniture design, interior design, manufacturing, advertising/marketing, materials engineer, planning, civil & structural design engineer, product designer, sports engineering and product management.

Entry Requirements

If you’d like to study Product Design, then you’ll need at least a Grade 5 in GCSE Design & Technology, or at least a Merit in NCFE Graphic Design. Other Design & Technology qualifications may be considered at the discretion of the Head of Faculty.

If you’d like to, you can download this information as a PDF file. Download the Product Design course information sheet (opens in a new tab) →